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Yellow-Black Chevrons recipe by Ravenswood
Versione inglese     |     03.02.2020
Yellow-black chevrons, or stripes, are a fairly simple and interesting way to make a focal point on the miniature or diversify the color scheme. It does not require any special technique or perfect blending to do this element well . On the contrary, some roughness will only improve the result.
For colors, any Golden NMM recipe is suitable for us, in which only the application technique will be changed. We will consciously minimize the contrast.

For example, I taken a recipe based on Vallejo paints: Armor Brown, Scrofulous Brown, Gold Brown, Deep Yellow, Ice Yellow. I would like to add that the larger the surface - the more colors and transitions will be needed. For a small detail, you can do without yellow (DY), and for a large one - add orange.

1. For the base mix, we will use a mixture of Armor Brown and Scrofulous Brown. If the surface is large - you can add red-orange, for example, Orange Red, it will look more interesting.

2. Gradually add a little Scrofulous Brown to the base mix, reducing the highlight surface.

3. Highlighting with add Gold Brown to the mix. Here, I deliberately did not try to be careful, if I wanted, everything can be corrected in the next stage.

4. Add Deep Yellow to the mix ( and also Ice Yellow for the focal point). After the highlighting is completed, you can gleze the surface to slightly adjust the color balance, if you want. But do not try too much, it will not be noticeable anyway.

5. Draw the base for our stripes by black. It is best if they are at 45 degrees, but depending on the direction of the surface, the angle may vary.

6. Draw the stripes themselves, while trying to ensure that the focal point remains in the yellow part. At this stage, you can correct the flaws of the previous stages.

7. Draw the battle damage. For black parts - pure GB, for yellow - a mixture of GB and IE. It is very important for the final appearance, so do not neglect this

Articolo proposto da: Ravenswood_art studio
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