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The following describes the steps to make a metal trash can from simple materials
Tutorial for scratch building a metal trash can
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English version    23:57    27.01.2020

Start with a small piece of aluminum sheet. In this case the trash can will be 1/35, so the dimensions used are 47 mm x 22.5 mm. The sheet thickness is 0.05 mm, which allows for impressing the detail.

As the sheet is quite thin, 1.5 mm of material is folded over at the top and bottom to increase rigidity.

A 0.25 mm diameter wire is carefully straightened and taped to a flat surface. The aluminum sheet is positioned over top and a ridge is impressed along the long edges (2 mm offset from edge). A wood coffee stir stick was used to impress the detail.

The sheet is then taped to a bottle cap that has this type of pattern. A Tamiya paint cap would also work. The pattern is carefully transferred to the metal with a toothpick or similar. The tape is removed near the end and the pattern transferred here as well.

The sheet is curled around a cylinder and taped in position temporarily. A small piece of aluminum is cut and given the same pattern. This will be glued inside to help hold the trash can together.

The seam can be seen here as well as the reinforcing piece. In this case there was overlap, but with more care the edges can be lined up more precisely. Detail such as grab handles can be added.

The lid is created from a piece of aluminum formed over an appropriate sized washer or similar object. A simple handle is added.

Displayed open or closed if the correct size is used for the lid.



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