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Masking tape by Orlee Vs Tamiya
Versione inglese     |     27.02.2022
The Masking tape
My Alpha Model 1/24 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio build project is progressing rather nicely. The bodywork has been wet sanded and polished after having a 2K clearcoat applied. If you saw my previous post you’ll have seen that I was waiting for new masking tape to arrive before I masked up for all the black work. You can see in the main picture that this stage is complete now. Next up I’ll be using Tamiya’s Panel Line Accent Color on the panel lines. I thought I’d use this post however to give my personal thoughts on a new masking tape to me. The tape is from a company named Orlee which is based in Switzerland. I have detailed my thoughts and comparison against each of the photos. I have to say though that after years of using Tamiya masking tape, which is brilliant, I have found a new firm favourite masking tape in Luigi Daquino’s Orlee tape. Go on, have a read. Anyway, as always, thanks lots for your interest in my builds

Alfa bodywork 2K cleared and polished. All ready for black paint around windows etc. Previously I have always used (for oodles of years) good old Tamiya tape. This time I will be using Orlee masking tape for the first time.

Orlee have a brilliant range of their high quality masking tape. The tape is currently available (as of February 2022) in widths of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm and 24mm. They also have a high flexible masking tape in widths of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. I will be testing the high flexible tape later on the driver and passenger seat fronts. I’ll open up a new Tamiya tape so that I can do a direct compare between Tamiya and Orlee tape.

masking tape orlee
Straight away there are differences. The Orlee masking tape is definitely thinner than Tamiya’s tape. This should be great to minimise paint ridge build up when masking to paint different colours. A small thing… Orlee’s tape centres are plastic compared to Tamiya’s cardboard centres. I have noticed that Tamiya have moved to plastic centres for there 1mm, 2mm and 3mm tape releases. I feel that the plastic centres will help protect the tape as you near the end of the role.
masking tape orlee
Another very nice feature of the Orlee tape is that the packets come with an easy closing seal. This will help ensure the tape doesn’t gather dust at the edges. It’s worth noting that the Orlee tape will fit in the grey plastic Tamiya masking tape holders. Personally I think that I will keep my tape in their sealed packets as feel this is safer for dust proofing and easy to handle and cut with my Tamiya decal.
masking tape orlee
I started with some of the wider tape, masking around the grill areas on the front wings and the bonnet. I then chose to use the 3mm wide tape around the windows. You can see that the Orlee tape is more translucent than Tamiya’s tape. I reckon this is because it is thinner. So… what are my initial thoughts on using the Orlee tape in comparison to the Tamiya tape that I have used for many years? Application is delightful. The tape is definitely thinner and that’s very much for the better. The tackiness is absolutely perfect. With Tamiya tape I would have de-tacked the tape either on my cutting mat or on the back of my hand. I had read that the Orlee tape didn’t need de-tacked. I have applied the tape here without any de-tacking. It really did adhere and hold perfectly. The end result should be lovely crisp straight lines around the windows
masking tape orlee
Underneath all that masking tape is the body shell of my Alpha Model Alfa Romeo Giulia. I used the four widths shown in the photo. The 3mm and 5mm were mainly used around the windows and around the wheel arches. The wider tape was used as infill.
masking tape orlee
The tape pealed off easily… obviously with care and pealing the tape back on itself as we would do in any case. There’s no sticky residue left, but then there would be none of that with Tamiya tape either. The tape held well to the edges and I have fantastic crisp black lines. Just need to get the Tamiya panel liner out now and get the panel lines done.

In summary, I have to say though that after years of using Tamiya masking tape, which is brilliant, I have found a new firm favourite masking tape in Luigi Daquino’s Orlee tape. Thank you for releasing this range of tape Luigi.
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