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HOW TO: Cracked Ice Base
Versione inglese     |     05.02.2022

1. Start by cutting the middle out of your base.
Paint the inside of the base rim white, as this will be visble through your ice and the original black plastic will look ugly. Glue the base to a piece of thin clear plasic. The plastic from a blister pack for example would be perfect. Once the glue is fully set and you're sure it is sealed all the way round, trim the excess plastic from the base.

2.-Fill the base with Woodland Scenics realistic water, leaving a 1mm gap from the top to allow for the crackle paint later. Allow at least 24 hours for the resin to fully set fully and become completely clear.

How to: Cracked ice Base
3.Use some dilute wash tortint the the set Realistic water. I opted for a turquoise from P3. Once the wash has dried, fill the remaining space in the base with a clear crackle paint. Tused distress crackle paint by Ranger.
The the crackle paint does shrink, as you might expect, so it is advised to allow for this by adding enough paint so it is actually domed above the top of the base. When set it will reduce down to no longer be domed.
How to: Cracked ice Base
4. Allow at least 24 hours for the crackle paint to fully set and for the cracks to finish Forming Glaze all of the crackle paint with dilute wash to match the under layer. Apply neat wash to the deeper cracks. A good tip to do the deeper cracks is to load your brush with wash and simply touch it to the crack where it meets the base rim. This allows the wash to run down the crack and fill it nicely.
How to: Cracked ice Base
5. Drybrush the surface with white to give a frosted look. You can add as much or as little white drybrush as you want at this stage, just build it up slowly until you reach a look you're happy with. As a final step, paint the rim colour to compliment your miniature. I opted for black, to give a strong contrast against the ice effect. And that's it! :) You can now choose to use this as the base for your miniatures or build up more element from here. I went on to add an overhanging rock with snow and icicles to act as a platform for my mini, leaving the cracked ice showing underneath. Give it a go yourself and be sure to send me pics of how you get on.

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Realistic water
Realistic water

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