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Build UP / WIP

This build guide was written by Robin Witt, UK based Scale Model Builder (see Robin’s Scale Models on Facebook). I hope my build of this kit will provide some help and inspiration for you to go on and build your own masterpiece. Most of all though, enjoy your build.
This time I’m building the BMW M3 (G80) Competition. I have opted for Verde Mantis Pearlescent for this build. This is actually a Lamborghini colour however BMW released the M3 Competition with an option to purchase this colour from their BMW Individual colour palette range.  CONTINUA A LEGGERE >>
I’ve had this kit for a while now, having been given it as a birthday present from my son... CONTINUA A LEGGERE >>
1/12 scale model of Tamiya, 4 months of work approximately, in this model I have introduced as a novelty, the....
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