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Kit: Lamborghini Centenario Roadster 770
Scala: 1/24
Stampo: Alpha Models
Prezzo: 149,99 £ (Hiroboy)
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Alpha Models Lamborghini Centenario Roadster 770
Scritto da DH Modelworx
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English  version    00:36    4.01.2020
Hi there folks, this kit was delivered on Monday from Alpha Models. Firstly I wanted to share with you most of the parts that make up this superb kit. I now have three Alpha Models Kits, the Ferrari 458 Spider and 812 Superfast. Both these kits are great kits, but this one has been taken to a whole new level. The level of detail is stunning.

I’ll let the pictures to the talking, and I can’t wait to build this kit later in the year. I’m planning on doing this one in full twill weave carbon. Anyways again thanks for popping in and having a look.

All the parts that come with the kit.

The instructions, although not comprehensive do make some sens

The stunning decals, I originally thought I’d need to mask and paint all the yellow highlights.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw these. Spot on Alpha Models.

The nice PE, and the one part I’m not too sure of, the windows, but I’ve seen other kits built using these and they turned out superb, so fingers crossed

The various emblems, there is also a 770 emblem, but this was way to small for me to photograph

The main shell, check out the detail

The undertray, yeh I’ll still need to use this screws. I have an idea how to cover them though

Now what I think is the most stunning part of this kit, it’s the most intricate and complex resin piece I’ve seen in my relatively short modelling career.

The front section.

The interior tub and base engine area. Again superbly detailed.

The seats, the yellow areas on the seats are covered by decals.

Now what I think is the most stunning part of this kit, it’s the most intricate and complex resin piece I’ve seen in my relatively short modelling career.

The lower splitter, which fits perfectly with the main frontal area of the car.

These are the carbon blades that fit onto the wheels.

I said on their Ferrari 488 that the wheels supplied with the kit didn’t fill the wheel arches correctly in my opinion. I’m pleased to say, these fill the arches perfectly.

The main dashboard, I feel like I’m repeating myself, but again superbly detailed.

The doors cards, these have other misc parts that fit into them.

The main instrument binnacle.

All the parts of the engine. I’ll be adding some more detail to this

When I first looked at this I asked myself what’s this, but then realised it’s the main cover for the exhaust outlets.

The rear wing, there are two, one for the extended wing and one for it to be stowed in the closed position

A whole load of misc parts. Too many to be photographed separately, it all nicely detailed

Again another upgrade on this kit.
The 488 and 812 have light parts which need cut out, here they are moulded correctly,

And finally an upgrade on a normal car kit, these are the rear shocks and springs that can be seen above the engine bay.




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